The Inn is located in Juruena Estirão Island in the Northwest of the state of Mato Grosso in completely preserved in Juruena River region, about 30 minutes from the entrance of the Juruena National Park.


S 09° 22″ 56′
N 58° 32″ 49′



– Your home to Cuiabá;
– Cuiaba to Alta Floresta (900km);


– Origin Cuiaba: by TAM airlines, Gol, Azul or Avianca;
– Cuiaba to Alta Floresta: by the company Azul (, in direct flight lasting approximately 60 minutes;
– Alta Floresta / Juruena Lodge by air taxi is a 60 minutes flight

There will be a receptive prepared by our staff awaiting the arrival of the group, providing all necessary support and assistance.

High Forest to the port of Rio Juruena, chartered:

  • Pickup 4×4, 01-04 passengers, with air conditioning. Time: 05 hours duration and 45 minutes by boat;
  • Air taxi, 01-04 passenger, single-engine Cessna 210. Time: 01 hour flight and landing in front of the lodge.