Amid the strong rapids of the Juruena river, with a 15-pound rod, line monofilament 0,37mm, I lived one of the greatest emotions in a fishery! An indescribable and unforgettable impression! The blow amid so many stones in the middle of a big rapids, strong rush it took 20, 30, 40 meters line the reel … the first jump, I tried to avoid lowering the rod tip … More than 10 minute fight with emotion in a very high level, among many jumps and rush, until I could take this wonderful matrinxã of the Juruena river waters, which measured 64 centimeters and weighed 5.5kg.

Many photos and celebrations, in a magnificent and fully preserved scenario. This feeling is the best trophy I’ll save all my life, because the main protagonist of this event returned to Juruena waters for perhaps in the near future confront in a new battle!