The region in Juruena river is very rich not only by the immense quantity of fish , but mainly for its biodiversity , where we can find species like jaú , caparari , cachara , jundiá , barbado , cachorras, matrinxã , peacock bass , trairão, corvina, bicudas, pacus, tambaqui , among many others. But for those who like to swim or simply soak , the river offers no danger of electric fish , piranhas or caiman alligator.

But the pleasure of sport fishing in River Juruena goes beyond catching the fish , registering his trophy and return it to the river , because having that experience amidst some of the most fantastic landscapes on the planet is something simply unforgettable!

Fishing in an area so preserved, with wild bushes, hundreds of islands , thousands of species of plants and birds, animals typical of Amazonian fauna, currents with rocks that seem to have been drawn, and you can visit the largest waterfall in the Brazilian Amazon, Salto Augusto, are some of the factors that make the river and tne Juruena Inn differentiated, place and ready to receive you, your family and friends!

The guides that are part of the Juruena Inn staff are all native, with experienced and knowledgeable of the best fishing spots in the region. Navigate with extreme safety in various conditions, and provide all the necessary tranquility to conduct the fishery.

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Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture – MPA .