With 1240Km long, the river crosses Juruena the state of Mato Grosso to its border with the Amazon, where the junction of these states with the Pará , meets the Teles Pires River , and together form the Tapajós river , which later flows into the Amazon River .


In privileged by nature and completely unspoilt , has rapid and deep waters , a maze of islands surrounded by rocks and huge stones , alternating with background in areas of gravel , sand and stone slabs , becoming ideal environment for hundreds of species of fish offering huge variety for lovers of sport fishing .


The river stands out in two phases:

Fish Leather

November through July – Excellent

August to October – Great

From Fish Scale

January to April – Excellent for all species , and less tucunaré matrinxã

May to July – Excellent for all species of fish, including peacock bass and matrinxã

August to December – Great for peacock bass , matrinxãs , betray , barracuda and large dog. Good for the other species , including fish leather .


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